Your recommendations on dog crates please


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Jan 10, 2018
I search for dog crates which will be very comfortable and soft for my dog.


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Mar 25, 2018
I use the plastic vari-kennel and put a cozy blanket in there. My pup really likes it now. She screamed and screamed when first being crate trained but now at 10 weeks old, she seeks it out and will get in there to sleep on her own. If I can't keep my eyes on her when she's in the house and I need to do something or if I need to go out and do errands, I lock her up in there and she's fine. She's not fully house broke yet. So she can't be trusted. I also put a safe toy in there for her.


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Mar 13, 2014
New Hampshire
if you need a crate for housebreaking you need to make it small, just big enough for her to stand, turn around and lie down. If she's housebroken get a bigger crate, I like the wire ones so they can look around and not feel isolated. Put a bed in it for her and water. Feed her outside the kennel