Zombie Threads

May 13, 2021
Hello, this is hamster lover here and for any new members, I would just like to talk about zombie threads (has many definitions but this is what we used it for at a different forum before).

So, basically, zombie threads are old posts that kind of had already been resolved this can even include old introductions.
It is important to not bring back old zombie threads because it might be confusing to others and most likely there won't be any need to reply anymore.
Thank you and I welcome any new members! Happy foruming! (lol is foruming even a word)


Jun 22, 2013
Actually old threads can contain useful information but I see what you mean, especially about introductions. I remember on another dog forum I noticed what I thought was a new thread in the introduction section so I went over to see who just joined and was surprised that it was me! Someone replied to my old post.