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I am working with Westside Pet Hospital which is located in Bend OR and here for helping people related to issues they are facing in care for a pet.
Just Christmas shopping for the pets today. I got the dogs each a bottle of beer from Bowser Beer For Dogs in Seattle, I'm gonna but some metal brackets so I can build some climbing shelves for the goats, I'm getting some treats for my chickens, some stall decor for my horse, some treats for my mini horse, and I need some toys for my bunny and chichilla. Got quite the day!
I got a new tank! 29 gallon. I can finally get goldies again. I miss my Ranchu so much. Should I get a Ranchu or an oranda?
I’m dirting my tank! Can’t wait. Walstad planted tanks are so cool. Dwarf hairgrass and pearlweed are on their way. I’ve already got anubias, crypts, hornwort, Myriophyllum spicatum, Marimos, azolla, duckweed and Java moss. Woot woot, I’m so excited!
No chickens?
No...:( we rehomed them because it would be to stressful to move them 8 hours, and on top of that, we were moving to a residential neighborhood. Luckily, they all went to very good homes, my sister made sure of that.
Aw, I'm sorry. But I'm glad they went to good homes!
I had a loving cat who was with me for 15 years.
When he left this earth I had him cremated, and his ashes are now in my china closet.
We found a rental! I’m super happy. It’s a nice place, owned by a nice lady who is super cool. She says I can bring my fish and cat. I did rehome my ranchu because the move would be difficult with a 40 gallon aquarium. Luckily, little ranchu went to a wonderful home. A lady with a 180 gallon planted aquarium adopted her. The lady specializes in goldfish and has a bunch of black moors and koi that look GORGEOUS.
But I still have my betta:), who is happy that he is back to being the center of attention.