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Getting some new baby snails shipped to me. I’m so excited! They so cute.😊
I would love to see them. Where did you get them from?
I ordered them from a seller on eBay. 5 golden mystery snails. They will be arriving tomorrow or the day after. The seller and I have been corresponding about shipping.
Now creating Pet Portraits for fun if anyone wanted their pets to be in one could you put the photo and the type of format you wanted in the post, Pet Portraits? Thanks! :)
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I am working with Westside Pet Hospital which is located in Bend OR and here for helping people related to issues they are facing in care for a pet.
Just Christmas shopping for the pets today. I got the dogs each a bottle of beer from Bowser Beer For Dogs in Seattle, I'm gonna but some metal brackets so I can build some climbing shelves for the goats, I'm getting some treats for my chickens, some stall decor for my horse, some treats for my mini horse, and I need some toys for my bunny and chichilla. Got quite the day!
I got a new tank! 29 gallon. I can finally get goldies again. I miss my Ranchu so much. Should I get a Ranchu or an oranda?
I’m dirting my tank! Can’t wait. Walstad planted tanks are so cool. Dwarf hairgrass and pearlweed are on their way. I’ve already got anubias, crypts, hornwort, Myriophyllum spicatum, Marimos, azolla, duckweed and Java moss. Woot woot, I’m so excited!